Obama Blocks Black Teen Critic C.J. Pearson on Twitter (UPDATE: W.H. Denies; C.J.: “Outrageous”)

President Barack Obama has blocked thirteen-year-old Black critic C.J. Pearson on Twitter, according to a tweet by Pearson posted Wednesday.

Obama blocking Pearson comes two days after a White House petition was posted asking Obama to grant an interview to Pearson. Pearson has a tweet promoting the petition pinned to the top of his Twitter timeline.


Pearson was recently profiled by The Washington Post and Time after his YouTube video criticizing Obama for inviting Muslim student ‘clockmaker’ Ahmed Mohamed to the White House went viral.

As of Wednesday afternoon Pearson’s video had over 1.8 million views since being posted on September 16.

Pearson posted a message to Obama on Twitter that said, “POTUS, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”


UPDATE: Frank Benenati, Assistant Press Secretary to President Obama posted on Twitter at 6:42 p.m. EDT denying anyone has been blocked from Obama’s Twitter account. Benenati’s tweet was subsequently retweeted by Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

“Public Service Announcement: Nobody is or has ever been blocked from the @POTUS twitter account”

A poster at Twitter with the account name @TracyJeffords told Benenati that she had been blocked by the @POTUS account.

“@Benenati44 That is a lie. You should really check with your people. I was blocked by the @POTUS account awhile back.”

C.J. Pearson responded to Benenati on Twitter, standing by his statement that he has indeed been blocked by Obmam.


“Really? The screenshot begs to differ. Additional photos to come.”


“If the WH would have said, @POTUS accidentally blocked me, I could move on. But to call me a liar? Outrageous.”

Earlier C.J. Pearson noted First Lady Michelle Obama had not blocked him in Twitter.


“At least @FLOTUS still loves me.”

Another UPDATE: C.J. Pearson posted a video to Facebook in which he told of how he came to learn he was blocked by Obama on Twitter and was “completely shocked” to see he was blocked. Pearson said he was trying to tweet to @POTUS about his White House petition asking he be granted an interview by Obama. Pearson said the White House spokesman’s statement calling him a liar “completely fallacious”.

Pearson told The Blaze Wednesday evening that he is no longer blocked from Obama’s Twitter account.

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