Muslims Hold Holy Islamic Prayer Vigil for Ahmed “Suitcase Clock” Mohammed at School

An Islamic prayer vigil was held for Ahmed “suitcase clock” Mohammed last night at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas.

Mohamed brought a suitcase clock to school and plugged it into the wall during English class. Mohamed was arrested and marched from school.
Ahmed Clock Irving PD
Briefcase clock made by Ahmed Mohamed, image by Irving Police Department via NY Daily News.

Of course, Barack Obama, who will not link Islam to terrorism, invited the kid to the White House.


Last night local Muslims held a prayer vigil for Mohamed Ahmed at the school.
Because it’s Islamophobic to be afraid of Muslims with suitcase clocks.
Via Twitchy:

They even included a call to prayer.

Mohamed’s father spoke at the event.

They lit up Islam signs during the vigil – in Texas.

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