MEDIA SMEARS TRUMP=> Posts Bogus Photo From Rally – Declares His Campaign Dead

The left-wing media is smearing Donald Trump again this morning.

** CNN had its largest in history on Wednesday night for the Republican Debate at the Reagan Library. 23 million viewers tuned in to watch Donald Trump.
** Four thousand people turned out to see Donald Trump last night in New Hampshire.

But according to the liberal media and GOP elites – his campaign is waning.


This morning the Politico posted this bogus photo in a hit piece on Donald Trump.
trump politico smear piece

Trump has NEVER held an event in an empty stadium.

Trump filled the Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Alabama and the American Airlines Arena in Dallas.

This was nothing more than a dishonest attack on Donald Trump.
The Politico reported:

After a summer of spectacle and saturation coverage, signs are accumulating that, for the public and the media, the onset of Trump fatigue has begun.

Mentions of Trump on both television and radio have been trending downward for a month from their post-Fox debate high. His share of Twitter conversation relative to other candidates has declined in recent weeks, and his odds in political prediction markets have dipped in the hours since Wednesday night’s debate.

Radio and television conversation about Trump peaked on Aug. 7, the day after the first Republican debate, with close to 11,000 mentions of his name on each medium that day, according to data through Monday provided by media monitoring firm Critical Mention. The last time Trump reached even half as many mentions on either medium was on Aug. 26, the day after he clashed dramatically with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos at a news conference in Iowa.

GOP elites agree…
This morning Mercedes Schlapp, a former Bush official, agreed with the liberal media. Mercedes told FOX News that Trump has reached his peak and will not be the GOP nominee.

Boy, those GOP insiders sure do hate Donald Trump!

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