ISIS Bulldozes 1,500 Year Old Catholic Monastery – Kidnaps Father Superior (Video)

ISIS destroyed the 1,500 year-old Catholic Monastery of St. Elian this August.
The Islamic State released video of its destruction.

The terrorists bulldozed the monastery.

The Islamists also captured the monastery’s superior, Fr. Jacques Mourad, and his associate. The two remain missing.
father mourad


MEMRI posted a transcript from the ISIS video:

Title: “The Media Bureau of Damascus Province”

Title: “Destruction of the Polytheistic Temple in the Town of Al-Qaryatayn.”

Title: “Monastery of Mar Elian Al-Sheikh, the eastern monastery in the town of Al-Qaryatayn, where polytheistic worship is taking place.”


ISIS member: Praise be Allah who enabled us and enables us every day to implement His laws, to bring His slaves back to His religion, and to put in order anything that violates His laws – be it a human being, a rock, or anything else. Praised be Allah, who made it possible for us to become a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood, and made us His loyal servants, who follow His orders.


Praised be Allah, who made it possible for your brothers in Damascus Province to destroy these idols and graves, which were worshipped besides Allah.


Praised be Allah for using us in order to elevate His shari’a. Praised be Allah, who made us His loyal servans, His representatives on Earth. Allah willing, the East and the West will know that we will never be stopped from implementing the laws of our religion, as the Prophet ordered us to do.


This is the beginning of the victory. Allah willing, we will come to your own land and destroy your thrones. Allah wiling, on this Earth, which is the land of Allah, only two kinds of people will remain: Muslims and people who accept the rule of Islam.

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