Hillary Clinton’s Poor Donald Trump Impersonation Makes Her Look Like a Fool (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton joined the GOP field with an attempt to ride the coattails of Donald Trump momentum.
hillary trump

That said, her attempt to impersonate Donald Trump ended up making her look like a fool.

This came the day after Donald Trump had 20,000 supporters fill the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.


At least ABC loved the impersonation.
Via NewsBusters:

Good Morning America’s Tom Llamas on Tuesday happily touted Hillary Clinton’s mocking impression of Donald Trump. The ABC journalist, who has had verbal alterations with the businessman, also spun a rally in Texas as highly controversial, opining, “Trump’s tough stance on immigration making him popular and infamous at the same time here.”

After playing a clip of Trump lobbying to build a wall between America and Mexico, the reporter cheered, “His words providing ammunition and even entertainment value to Hillary Clinton.” The Democratic candidate offered this impression of Trump: “When I get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere! Prosperity will be raining down upon you!”

Llamas complimented, “Not a bad impersonation. Maybe Secretary Clinton has been working on that.”

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