Dana Loesch Goes to FBI after Graphic Artist Depicts Her Bloody Gun Death

Earlier this month the NRA released a powerful commercial with conservative radio and television host, Dana Loesch. The NRA ad portrayed the position of mothers who demand personal protection and their right to bear arms.

“I’m a mom. And just like millions of other women, that’s why I own guns. We’re responsible and that makes America strong. Everyday we’re willing to use a firearm to defend our families. But the media will never tell those stories. When a mom puts a gun to the face of a home-invading thug and makes him run for his life, the story gets buried. But, if she’s unarmed and gets murdered the cameras will be at the scene before the police… We’re law-abiding and I’m the National Rifle Association of America and I’m freedom’s safest place.”

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It was a terrific ad.


On Sunday night, an internet troll, who opposes her Second Amendment advocacy, posted a doctored video of Loesch. Instead of ending with information for the NRA’s website, the trol ended the video with Loesch shooting herself in the head.

loesch gun

The video was also posted on YouTube.
(Warning on violent content)

Dana contacted the FBI after the violent threat was posted on Twitter.

Dana used the threat to raise money for the NRA.
TPM reported:
Loesch, who authored the book “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America” last year, used the opportunity to bring attention back to the organization she was originally promoting: the NRA.

She tweeted, “And every hate Tweet I receive? I’m going to donate to the NRA in that person’s name AND buy myself another box of ammo.”

Loesch started Sunday with a donation in the name of the troll who posted the grisly video of her.

The internet troll has since taken down his account.

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