BREAKING: KHAMENEI Threatens AMERICA in NEW YouTube Video – Bombs on US Navy (VIDEO)

Ayatollah Khamenei released this threatening video six hours ago—
“If Any War Happens”

The video contains images of Iranian bombs raining down on a US battleship.
bombs us navy

The video continues: “They should know that if any war breaks out one will emerge humiliated out of it.”
The video then shows US soldiers returning home in caskets.
iran bodies us soldiers


Democrats approved Obama’s nuclear peace deal with the regime last week.

Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted this out earlier today.

We’ve seen these sort of threats before…
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps launched a massive military drill, called The Great Prophet Nine, in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz in February.

Hundreds of speed boats equipped with missiles took part in the maneuvers.

At one point in the production the camera panned across a banner that read, “If the Americans are ready to be buried at the bottom of the waters of the Persian Gulf – so be it.”

irgc drills
The Iranian regime sinks a mock US battleship.

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