AUDIO: Mark Levin On Ben Carson’s Statements On Islam: Ben Carson Is Not ONLY RIGHT! HE’S BRILLIANT

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Mark Levin read a Daily Beast article written by a Muslim woman, Asra Nomani, explaining how Ben Carson was absolutely correct in warning U.S. citizens against Islam, but the article later goes on to state that Carson is also correct in warning against Taqiyya—in which the Koran encourages Muslims to lie in order to conquer other cultures. The below audio is only a small portion of Mark Levin’s segment on this article and Levin goes on to commend Carson’s brilliance even further after reading more of the article’s examples on why there is no separation of Mosque and State within Islam. The full Sept. 25, 2015 audio can be downloaded from the Mark Levin Show website here (or a direct podcast link here).

Interesting to note that Fiorina doesn’t recognize the dangers of voting for a Muslim as President and has no problem supporting Sharia in the highest office (whether knowingly or unknowingly doing so). Flashback to Fiorina’s September 2001 speech to HP employees after 9/11 in which she praises Islam as the greatest civilization ever. Trump admits that many people think we already have a Muslim as President. And GatewayPundit reports that the majority of Americans agree with Carson. Hannity recently sent out a man on the street, and Muslims agree that Sharia supersedes the Constitution.


A more interesting point was made by Jamie Glazov at the end of this video clip here (via Hat Tip JihadWatch), in which Glazov explains how the Koran encourages and even demands that Muslims take in slaves from those they conquer. Thus, when the media attempts to pressure Carson to support Sharia, they are in essence attempting to force a black man to support SLAVERY! Which proves the point that the real racism is on the Left and within the Democrat party, and supported by history as these black conservatives explain in a 2013 press conference.

And as one last final video recommendation, the video below (the direct YouTube link here) is a flashback Carson speech and a must watch to get a glimpse into how deep Ben Carson’s faith goes. There’s no doubt that he has a deep connection to G-d. A Liberal YouTube account is already mocking Carson’s strong belief in Creation… but will probably never promote the full video clip which makes a great argument for Creation over Evolution. Carson argues that even Evolution is a form of religion which requires a leap of faith to believe the premise when facts are not apparent in supporting it. Thus, Carson explains that if one is to support a faith in G-d (Creation) verses a faith in man (Evolution)… Carson will choose G-d every time. In the video below, Carson recounts the leap of faith and miracle he needed to separate joined twins. A truly inspirational story in itself! However, DO NOT MISS CARSON’S BRILLIANT explanation starting at the 28:00 minute marker on how the brain translates one simple reaction (when the audience raises their hands in response to a question). A TRULY IMPRESSIVE explanation.

And as a side note, for anyone who has wondered as to why the word G-d is hyphenated in my own articles. Let me reassure everyone, it is not a political correct issue but rather a Jewish tradition that teaches us to honor the holiness of G-d’s name by not fully spelling out His name in any medium that could possibly be subject to disrespect (as briefly explained here).

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