Anti-American Sports Illustrated Columnist: Tom Brady Must ‘Answer’ for Supporting Trump

Sports Illustrated published an article Friday by Aaron Leibowitz, an anti-American, anti-military leftist, demanding New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady be made to ‘answer’ for supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Tom Brady Needs to Answer Questions About His Support of Donald Trump is the headline to SI’s Stalinist attempt to make Brady toe the party line.

Leibowitz writes for The Cauldron, a site that is published by and this month was also picked up by Sports Illustrated. According to his LinkedIn profile, Leibowitz is a 2014 graduate of Tufts who has a “passion for issues involving the intersection of sports and politics.”


Aaron Leibowitz LinkedIn Promo Photo
Aaron Leibowitz, promotional photo via LinkedIn.

Leibowitz’s anti-American, anti-military stance was revealed by him in a Cauldron piece he wrote that was published in May about several NFL teams secretly getting paid by the Defense Department for game-day events honoring service members.

“When I woke up Friday morning, I already knew that the National Football League uses jingoism to promote its brand. I knew that the league profits off the glorification of violence. I knew that the NFL and the military work hand in glove.”

…”I should probably note that those “Hometown Heroes” salutes have always felt weird to me, even before I knew that some are fraudulent. When I’m at a game and 50,000 fans are standing and cheering for a veteran, I almost feel compelled to turn to the person next to me and say: “Please know I’m clapping because I respect this veteran’s courage, not because I endorse any policies or actions by the U.S. military.””

…”The biggest takeaway, in my mind, is that the NFL is essentially one big military recruitment tool, with all proceeds going to the NFL. I already kind of knew that. But now I know it. When I turn on a game, I have every right to assume everything I see is disingenuous; every flyover, every salute to the troops is no more than a ploy to get young football-lovers like me to do America’s bidding.”

…”Because we all know there’s just one thing more important than football — America — and if you love America, you drop everything and fight on its behalf.”

Leibowitz promoted his article on Brady on Twitter.

“Tom Brady supports Donald Trump. That could hurt his legacy more than Deflategate will. Me for @SInow/@TheCauldron:”

Earlier this month a Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign hat was photographed in Brady’s locker.

brady locker

After reviewing the tumult over ‘Deflategate’ Leibowitz writes up Brady’s support for Trump, noting he has not explicitly endorsed Trump.

“Brady explained that Trump had given the hat to Patriots owner Robert Kraft to pass along to the quarterback. Trump, Brady said, “always gives me a call and different types of motivational speeches at different times.” He said their friendship dates back to 2002, adding that “it’s pretty amazing what he’s been able to accomplish. He obviously appeals to a lot of people, and he’s a hell of a lot of fun to play golf with.”

“Then, on Sept. 16, Brady was asked if Trump has a shot at becoming president. “I hope so,”​ Brady said. “That would be great. There’d be a putting green on the White House lawn. I’m sure of that.””

…”On the one hand, Brady did not say, point blank, that he is voting for Trump, nor did he say he endorses Trump’s policies. But he had two chances to distance himself from the nation’s most polarizing figure of the moment. He chose not to. “That would be great” is as close to an official endorsement as you can get.”

Leibowitz cites an August incident where two Boston thugs attacked an Hispanic man, supposedly telling police afterward, “Donald Trump was right. All these illegals need to be deported,” as one reason why Brady needs to answer for his support of Trump.

Trump, of course, has not called for violence against illegal aliens, only the enforcement of immigration laws, including deportations, and construction of a defensive wall on America’s southern border with Mexico to stem massive illegal immigration and criminal gang activities.

Leibowitz demands Brady answer for Trump by citing three articles by leftist publications, Salon, Al Jazeera and the Washington Post.

“But by aligning with Trump, the candidate, he is by default aligning himself with Trump, the xenophobe; Trump, the Islamophobe; and Trump, the misogynist. If Brady takes issue with those aspects of the man, he should say something. Otherwise, the implication is, on some level, that he condones such views. And that would stand in direct conflict with Brady’s (supposed) character.”

Leibowitz, like many a Stalinist enforcer of party discipline, insists he is only looking out for Brady’s reputation.

…”There’s still plenty of time for Brady to distance himself from the ugly side of Trump, but continuing to embrace the candidate, free of qualifiers or disclaimers, should be concerning to those who defend the quarterback’s legacy.”

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