Ann Romney: “Trump Is Bringing More People to the Table… That’s a Good Thing” (VIDEO)

Ann Romney joined Sean Hannity on Monday to talk about her new book “In This Together” about her struggles with MS and Cancer.

ann romney

Mrs. Mitt Romney told Sean that Donald Trump’s inclusion in the GOP race was “a good thing.”

Ann Romney: There’s a lot of good candidates. It’s a long race. A lot of ups and downs. Important discussions happening. I’d say that Trump is bringing more people to the table.

Sean Hannity: That’s a good thing.

Ann Romney: Than ever thought. We have to open this up for more discussion. He’s got. We’ve got to talk about some of these issues that are very important.

Sean Hannity: I’ve said that – He brought 26 million people to a debate. I men, that’s a good thing.

Ann Romney: It’s a good thing.

Via Hannity:

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