Al-Qaeda issued assassination threats days before the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the United States.
aq inspire cover

The cover of the latest edition of Inspire Magazine warns of assassination operations.

The terror magazine also targets black Americans in a special article.
MEMRI reported:

While on the cover the issue is dated Summer 2015, the “Contents” page is dated September 2015. As in previous issues, this page also includes a note to readers: “We have temporarily suspended our email addresses for readers’ security reasons.”

Many of the articles in this issue were published in previous issues of Inspire.

In the “Editor’s Letter,” editor Yahya Ibrahim, after praising the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack, notes that “in the coming days we are waiting for the anniversary of… the blessed 9/11 operation,” and states that “We at Inspire, and in the cause of the events of 9/11, encourage the Muslims in the West to join the Lone Jihad caravan.” He adds that “in this issue, we have presented for the Lone Mujahid ways and methods to enable him to give victory to the religion and the prophet.”

A piece titled “Statement Regarding The Blessed Paris Operation” by Sheikh Nasr Al-Ansi, who was killed in an April 2015 drone strike in Yemen, is headed “Vengeance for the Prophet.” It offers “congratulations to you, o ummah of Islam, for this vengeance that has soothed our chests. Congratulations to you for these brave men who blew off the dust of disgrace and lit the torch of glory in the darkness of defeat and agony.” He continued: “O Muslim ummah, this is a new turning point in the history of confrontation” and says, in “our message to the Western nation… do not expect of us except tragedies and terror.”

A number of previously released speeches by leading Al-Qaeda figures, including Osama bin Laden, senior AQAP official Qassem Al-Rimi, and others, are also included in the magazine.

A lengthy article titled “The Blacks in America,” by Abdillah Al-Moravid, opens with the police killing of Michael Brown and media coverage of it, moves on to the killing of Freddie Gray and the Charleston church attack by Dylann Roof, and then provides a history of blacks in America from the early days of slavery.

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