Watch Carly Fiorina Shut Chris Matthews Down in Post-Debate Interview (VIDEO)

Carly Fiorina runs circles around Chris Matthews in a post debate interview.
carly matthews

Chris Matthews was shocked that Fiorina would call Hillary Clinton a liar.
Carly did not back down and gave three very clear instances when Hillary lied to the American people.

This was a brilliant exchange.


More from the Free Beacon:

Matthews took issue with Fiorina calling Clinton a liar in her closing statement, but Fiorina shot back that Clinton lied about Benghazi, the Middle East, and her private email server.

“First, I was very specific about the subjects about which I think she has lied. I didn’t say she lied about everything,” Fiorina said. “I was very specific, very fact-based, actually. You are the one who has made a generalized comment now about her, not me.”

Matthews tried to interrupt the only female Republican candidate, but Fiorina spoke over him and explained why she thought Clinton lied. She then made her case why Clinton should fear debating her.

“I will debate her on the issues facing this nation,” she said. “I will debate her on her positions. I will ask her, for example, how she can possibly continue to defend Planned Parenthood. I will ask her why she continues to say she is a champion of the middle class while every single proposal she has put forward makes crony capitalism worse and worse and worse [and] makes income inequality worse.

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