VIDEO: Scott Walker—the “AGGRESSIVELY NORMAL” man the establishment fears the most

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

At the last debate, Scott Walker claimed that he has been called “Aggressively Normal” and that may be a profoundly accurate label indeed—judging by the fact that many voters pass over this gem of a candidate due to his lack of controversial sound bites at the debate stage. For example, we don’t see Walker generating endless days of discussions tied to Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle thanks to candidates that appeal to a pop culture crowd—just listen to a highly recommended Mark Levin rant here on this point alone.

The devil is always in the details and one detail-oriented observation has to do with a cringe-inducing phrase that—in my opinion—is an absolute indicator of Progressive-RINO speak—the phrase “Repeal and Replace” whenever candidates discuss Obamacare. Don’t get me wrong, Obamacare should absolutely be repealed, but anyone who includes the word “Replace” in the discussion are revealing their belief that the FEDERAL government has a role in CONTROLLING YOUR HEALTHCARE! The government needs to simply repeal… repeal… then repeal some more… and then step out of our way and let freedom determine the market. EVERY candidate on the stage used the phrase “Repeal and Replace” EXCEPT FOR ONE: Scott Walker in his “aggressively normal” and un-noteworthy style simply stated “Repeal” without any references to a “Replacement“. Listen to the debate again here to see for yourself.


All that said, Scott Walker is under attack not only from the Left but from his own party via Trump (without provocation) which makes one wonder about the true agenda and intentions of those who attack, and who is really feared the most. Watch the Fox report below (via Hat Tip RightScoop):

Rush Limbaugh has always preached that Progressives will tell you who they fear the most by a combination of tactics that include ignoring those they fear or marginalizing with harsh criticisms and lies aimed at those they fear. So let’s do a quick run down of Scott Walker’s accomplishment and record of actions that may have his opponents trembling—starting with a Rush Limbaugh sound bite from last year on some “Profound and Earth Shattering News” IGNORED by the media:

Other Scott Walker accomplishments include the following:

Liberal Union Thug power dwindling as enrollment plummets under Walker

NYTimes laments union defeat as Walker signs Right to Work bill

Walker Budget to bar drug users from food stamps and Medicaid

Walker signs two pro-gun bills into law

Walker signs abortion ban bill

Walker’s move to defund the union-power-hold was not an easy road as the Occupy movement might have started with his state. A reminder of what Walker endured for months can be reviewed here.

Mark Steyn once stated that the job of American citizens isn’t to pick the perfect candidate, but rather to pick the candidate that will listen to the people and can be influenced to make the RIGHT choices in a toxic environment. While the right choices may seem clear cut to many… it’s never the easy choice. Considering what Walker endured during three attempts by Liberals to recall him, constant threats to his family and co-workers, and constant attacks from people from both parties—this candidate should not be overlooked due to his “aggressively normal” performance.

The devil is in the details and the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior, and Walker clearly demonstrates a solid past performance based on the will of the people and solid conservatism every time. Not sure the same can be said for some of the other rising stars when examining the words they choose to justify suspect past behavior. For example, as much fun as it may be to see Trump revitalize the debates and take on the media, he does have some troubling past record behavior seen here. What evidence is there that Trump would bend to the will of the people over his own will (to use Mark Steyn’s metric). Or after using big government to benefit his needs, why would Trump be motivated to move towards a small government model that limits his power? These questions need to be asked.

It’s time to start doing the research and support the candidate that represents true conservatism via their past actions and willingness to stand strong for the right choices (when the forces of Liberal pressure is fierce and strong). Take what these candidates say in the heat of an election cycle with a grain of salt and verify their words with past behavior—and don’t forget to factor in the Mark Steyn metric.

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