VIDEO=> Donald Trump DEPORTS Univision’s JORGE RAMOS from Press Conference

jorge ramos deported

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa Tuesday evening.

Ramos Trump CNN
Jorge Ramos on CNN Monday night attacking Donald Trump over illegal immigration.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos stood up and started speaking to Trump without being called on by Trump.

Note: Video clip plays twice in succession, the actual incident is about 50 seconds in length.

Trump repeatedly told Ramos to sit down. Ramos continued speaking, making a statement that Trump could not deport eleven million (illegal aliens) from the U.S. Trump talked over Ramos telling him to go back to Univision.

A large Trump security man walked over to Ramos and escorted him out of the press conference as Ramos continued to talk.

Trump went on with the press conference, calling on another reporter who asked him about Trump’s latest spat with Fox News.

ABC reported Ramos was later allowed back in the room after a reporter asked Trump about him.

Ramos had an opinion article published at Univision on Monday that called Trump’s illegal immigration proposals a “horror” for illegal aliens. He mocked Trump’s vision of an America secure from illegal aliens as “Trumplandia.”

Ramo’s concluding sentence: “Trumplandia is the horror.”

UPDATE: Video, via Real Clear Politics, of Ramos and Trump debating for several minutes after Ramos was let back in to Trump’s press conference.

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