Trump Calls O’Malley “Disgusting, Little, Weak, Pathetic” for Apologizing to #BlackLivesMatter Mob (VIDEO)

omalley apologize

Donald Trump went on with Hannity last week. His comments were replayed on FOX and Friends on Friday. Among other things, Trump spoke about Democrat Governor O’Malley’s apology to the #BlackLivesMatter mob.

“I thought when O’Malley made the statement that Black lives matter, then he said white lives matter, all lives matter, then he apologized like a little baby, a disgusting little, weak, pathetic baby. And that’s the problem with our country. I don’t think it’s even politically correct. I think it’s politically incorrect… How can you apologize when you say say “black lives matter,” which is true, “white lives matter,” which is true, “all lives matter,” which is true. And, then they get mad at you when you say “white” and “all.” They don’t want you to mention that. What’s there to apologize for?”

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