MSNBC Blasts Clinton’s Email Scandal Response: Bad Jokes, Partisan Blame Games, Shades of Whitewater (VIDEO)

Hillary’s Self-inflicted Wounds Give Liberals the Jitters–
hillary angry

Clinton backers fear her old weaknesses are stalking her current campaign.

The panelists on MSNBC obliterated Hillary Clinton today over her response to the email and server scandals.
Karen Tumulty from the Washington Post reported this past weekend that supporters are worried about her clumsy response to the latest scandal.

Once again, worried supporters see signs of a bunker mentality in response to bad news about her e-mail server and other controversies, and they see a candidate who can seem strangely blinkered to the threat posed by a lesser-known challenger.

Katty Kay from BBC World News piled on.

There are enough problems swirling around Hillary Clinton that at some point is this going to come back and haunt her and is she handling it in the right way. That’s the other question right, with jokes about SnapChat? I mean terrible canned jokes about SnapChat read off a script.

Tumulty compared the current scandal to Whitewater:

“Especially, once there is a real sort of potential of legal jeopardy all of her old instincts kick in. It’s what we saw in Whitewater when she wouldn’t turn over those documents.

Via Morning Joe:

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