ISIS Executes Nine Gay Men in Single Day – Tosses Them Off Mosul Building

ISIS rebels surround a gay man killed by the Islamic State.
isis gays

** ISIS has executed at least 30 gays in the last year.

The Islamic State executed nine gay men in one day this week in Mosul, Iraq.
The Advocate reported:


The self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has executed another group of men for allegedly being gay, reports The Washington Blade.

Iraqi TV station Al-Sumariareported that ISIS militants threw nine men from the top of a tall building in Mosul on Sunday after a “Sharia judge” found them guilty on “charges of sexual perversion,” according to the Blade.

As has been the case in similarexecutions reported in ISIS-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq throughout the past year, a crowd of locals reportedly gathered at the base of the building to watch the men die. In other instances, victims who survived the fall were subsequently stoned to death.

In July ISIS hurled four gays off a building in Fallujah.

PICTURED, ISIS Thrown 4 men to Death in Fallujah Accused of being Alleged "Homosexual"

PICTURED, ISIS Thrown 4 men to Death in Fallujah Accused of being Alleged “Homosexual”

ISIS murdered four more gays in Fallujah.
The terrorists tossed the gays off the top of a four story building.
Al-Alam reported:

The terrorist group has previously carried out the sickening punishment in their de-facto capital, Raqqa, in Syria. Now the inhumane death sentence has been used in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

The gruesome propaganda photos appear to be an attempt by the depraved militant group to reinforce its rule of fear, Mail Online reports.

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isis gays fallujah 3

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