Failure to Disclose: Jorge Ramos’s Daughter Worked for Obama WH, the Bidens, and OFA, Prior to Joining Hillary’s Campaign

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Univision’s Jorge Ramos boasts that he and Univision provide “guidance…on a lot of issues” to Latinos, serving as “activists” and “social leaders“, even claiming the mantle as a Hispanic MLK.  He has aggressively pushed for open borders and full citizenship for illegals, while reciting talking points from Soros-funded American Immigration Council.   Jorge takes an unapologetic stance that Republican candidates for the White House “have to talk to” him and Univision, due to their “power”.  Yet he “tried for months to score an interview with Donald Trump” and failed, so Jorge elected to stage his LatinoLivesMatter style disruption of Trump’s press conference, shouting statements over others, being disruptive, then lying about what occurred, much more like a BLM SJW/activist than a journalist. Could factors beyond activism be in play as well? According to Jorge, in 1983, after facing censorship as a journalist in Mexico, he flew into Los Angeles with a student visa.  Just five years later, his daughter Paola Ramos was born.  Three days after Trump’s campaign announcement, Jorge disclosed that Paola, now 27 years old, had joined Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for POTUS.  In spite of his statement claiming a desire to maintain integrity, credibility, and transparency, he failed to disclose the larger context and potential import of his revelation, which drew new scrutiny after his questionable behavior. Since reporter Jorge Ramos did not disclose his daughter’s previous political career and the family’s ties to the politically powerful, we are left to assemble the information as best we can. On May 18, 2009, Paola Ramos graduated from Barnard College with a degree in Political Science.  Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady and then sitting Secretary of State, received a Medal of Distinction and delivered the Commencement Address at that ceremony.  One of Hillary’s infamous emails shows that, Hillary had scheduled a “pull aside” with Jorge Ramos’s daughter  immediately upon arrival to campus at 1 PM.  Six years later, Paola’s working for Hillary’s POTUS campaign “in a communications role”.  But some interesting things occur between the two dates. From Paola’s tweets we can tell by Fall 2009, Paola’s working in DC, standing in the Rose Garden as POTUS departs in Marine 1, and she continues to meet some of the most powerful people in (liberal) politics.

By 2011, Paola is working in the Executive Office of the President as the scheduler for Nancy Sutley, the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. In 2012, Jorge Ramos’s daughter moves into the Office of the Vice President as a staff assistant, then becomes the Special Assistant to Dr. Jill Biden in 2013.

In 2012, Paola also “worked on Obama’s 2012 campaign”, including tweeting Organizing for Action links from Chicago.

The re-election campaign for the sitting President of the United States of America was just three years ago; why didn’t Jorge disclose Paola’s work for Obama? Of note, Jorge has stated that he felt “deeply conflicted” about becoming a US citizen, but:

In 2008, he became a U.S. citizen so he could vote in the historic election, but he remains adamant that he is not truly American. (He wouldn’t reveal for whom he voted, saying he’s a political independent.)Washington Monthly

In 2013, Paola meets with constituents, representing Joe Biden’s office as part of “the White House team”.

In 2014, Paola travels to Sierra Leone and reports for Fusion, a Univision/ABC collaboration.

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