Donald Trump: Criminal Illegals Will Be Gone “IMMEDIATELY” on First Day (Video)

Donald Trump joined This Week with George Stephanopoulos on ABC today to defend his newly released immigration reform plan.
trump illegals gone

In a plan released earlier this month, Trump called for an end to birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants and for the deportation of undocumented workers.

Today Donald Trump said he would deport criminal illegal immigrants on Day One:


“You know Jeb is a low energy person. He’d never be able to do it. He’s the one who said they’d come out an “act of love.” This is an “act of love” these people who are coming. And, many of them you see what is happening with the crime. Many of them are really causing tremendous problems. And, they would be out really fast. Immediately, the first day we start that movement. We need a wall. We have to get a wall. We need great security. And, we will have a wall that will not let people in, George. And, if you’re legal you can come in.”

Trump’s Rally in Alabama was the largest crowd for any candidate this year.
Via This Week:

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