AUDIO: Mark Levin Rips Megyn Kelly on Her Trump Gotcha Question

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Mark Levin gives an excellent rant on the first half hour of his show in which he breaks down the problem with Megyn Kelly’s ‘Gotcha’ question against Trump (during the Presidential debate).

It’s hard to decide which portion of the entire rant is the best part to post first. The opening 15 minutes of the rant revisits Trump’s originally reason for his reaction to Rosie O’Donnell—which was in response to Rosie’s vicious attack on Trump and his family on The View. In fact, as Mark Levin points out, the O’Donnell attack also MOCKED WOMEN in general. Mark Levin makes an excellent point on why Megyn ignores the war on women from the nut cases who run The View.


But Mark was just getting warmed up, and in part 2—after a commercial break—Levin really socks it to Megyn, so let’s start there. Enjoy!

For anyone who would like to catch the first 15 minutes, the audio for Part 1 also provided below for your enjoyment (and found at this link here).

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