Anti-White Illegal Activist Jose Vargas: I Won’t Smile When on TV with Ann Coulter

Last night illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas joined Megyn Kelly once again on “The Kelly File.”

Vargas, an illegal alien and host of the anti-white MTV Show “White People”, told Kelly the US has spent too much on border security. The money would be best used elsewhere.

kelly vargas coulter

Vargas later went on Facebook and told his followers he refuses to smile when he is on TV with Ann Coulter.


To the frustration of some people in progressive politics and the immigrant rights movement, I go on Fox News to preach beyond the choir. (After the interview, I received an email from the president of the Harvard Republican Club asking me to talk to young GOPers in Boston this fall about Define American.) But I refuse to debate or appear in the same segment as Coulter. She is not interested in an actual debate or constructive conversation. So she either speaks first, or I speak first. She spoke first tonight. And when we were “teased” on a split screen, I refused to smile. This is no laughing matter for undocumented Americans. This is not funny.

Vargas also refuses to debate Ann Coulter because she calls him on his immigration lies.

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