Walmart Melts Down Confederate Flag Class Ring, Still Sells Che Guevara Items

Southside Walmart
Photo via KFSM-TV

Walmart reportedly told a family trying pick up a class ring they ordered that Walmart would not give them the ring because it was made with a Confederate flag design. The family was told the ring would be melted down.

Elaine Glidewell told KFSM-TV the Walmart in Fort Smith, Arkansas had taken her order for a Southside High School class ring for her nephew and called her to pick up the ring when it came in.


““I went to Walmart, ordered his ring just like he wanted it,” she said. “I got the mascot on the ring, the Rebel, and I guess what you would say the Confederate flag. I ordered the ring, they said it would take four to six weeks for the ring to come in.”

“She said she went to pick it up at the Walmart on Zero Street Tuesday (July 7).

““They wouldn’t let me have the ring. It had a note on it, was in a plastic bag, it said do not sell. It was signed by the store manager,” Glidewell said.

“Glidewell said the ring was worth $320 and she got a refund.”

…”“[The store employee] said ‘well, we are going to melt it’ and I said ‘you are going to melt my ring?’ And he said ‘we can’t sell it,’” Glidewell said.”

Walmart announced it was banning sales of Confederate flag themed merchandise last month after the racist murder of nine Black men and women in Charleston, South Carolina.

Last month the Fort Smith School Board voted to phase out and the Southside Rebel mascot and the playing of Dixie at the school in response to the Charleston killings, reported KFSM.

Walmart and other retailers are still selling merchandise glorifying the racist, mass-murdering communist Che Guebara.

H/t Fox News.

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