Tragic Liberal Fail: Only Fifty Percent of Black Men Born 25 Years Ago Have Jobs

Black Men Born 25 Years Ago White House

If one needs further proof of the epic disaster liberalism has visited upon Black Americans, a recent White House study provides it. Only one out of two Black men born twenty-five years ago is employed today.

On the occasion of the new report, Betsey Stevenson, a member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers posted to Twitter the stunning statistic and the leading immediate reasons why: Death, prison, unemployment and not looking for work. (Stevenson called 25- year-old Black men ‘boys’ in her tweet but it’s okay because she’s a liberal.)

The finding was included in a report by the Council of Economic Advisers entitled, Economic Costs of Youth Disadvantage and High-Return Opportunities for Change.

“Disparities in Employment

“• A black male born 25 years ago has only a roughly 1 in 2 chance of being employed today as a result of early death, incarceration, low labor force participation, and high unemployment. Opportunity gaps and exposure to the criminal justice system have significant effects on lifetime outcomes, particularly for young black men, but these
impacts are not limited to any particular group of young people.

“• Disparities in education and justice system involvement that begin during youth contribute to substantial challenges in the labor market throughout life. Young people who face these barriers to success tend to participate less often in the labor force, experience higher rates of unemployment when they participate, and earn less when they find work.

“• Prime-age black men are 13 percentage points less likely to be employed than prime-age white men, a gap that could be as large as 24 percentage points if black men who are missing due to incarceration or early death were counted as not employed. “

The study blames everything from racism to lack of spending for the ruin of Black youth. Not blamed are liberal policies that dominate Black neighborhoods nor the failure of parenting in Black communities.

Surprisingly the study notes that boys need fathers or father figures in their lives to succeed.

The news media has ignored this study. BET appears to be the only one (beside TGP) to report on it.

African-Americans have been voting for Democrat politicians for generations. Democrats control the school systems that fail to educate Black children, Democrats promote policies that undermine traditional families and have driven Black men out of the family home. Yet this study will likely not bring about a change in voting patterns–especially when it is ignored by the media.

Also unmentioned in the report is the bi-partisan policy of flooding the country with tens of millions of immigrants–both legal and illegal–that has crowded out young people of all races from entry level work.

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