Threats of Arson, Murder Force California Gun Store to Take Down Confederate Flag

Wild Bills Confederate Flag Sign via Twitter
Sign at Will Bill’s Trading Post in Elk Grove, CA, photo via Lemor Adams on Twitter.

In the Age of Obama, death threats by angry progressive mobs hell-bent on delivering ‘social justice’ are transforming America like Obama promised.

The latest victims are the workers of a an Elk Grove, California gun shop who took a stand for free speech in displaying the Confederate battle flag only to be forced to take it down following threats to burn the store down and murder employees.


Wild Bills Confederate Flag storefront
Wild Bill’s storefront, photo via Yelp

On June 25 the employees of Wild Bill’s Old West Trading took a vote to display the flag on the storefront as an assertion of First Amendment freedom of speech rights in the face of Confederate flag bans that swept the country after the racist massacre of nine Black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C on June 17.

Jacob Shockly, Wild Bill’s assistant manager, told KTXL-TV at the time:

““The Second Amendment, the First Amendment, following the Constitution, that’s why we put it out.”

…““It’s not about racism. It’s history, we want to bring back history of what our country was founded on.”
“Shockley said while he understands why some may not support the decision to put the flag up, his purpose it to maintain a piece of American history.”

Shockley told KTHK:

““Why all of a sudden now it takes nine people to get shot now to throw a fit over a flag? It’s been around for how many years?” he said. “Everybody started caving in. Saying that’s a racist flag. But we don’t believe it’s a racist flag.””

The store took the Confederate flag inside and hung it from the ceiling an effort to assuage‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters at the store last week. The U.S. flag replaced it outside the store.

The Sacramento Bee reported on the threats.

“Displaying the flag was a collective decision among the store workers to exercise free-speech rights, said Jake Shockley, assistant manager of Wild Bill’s.

“We’re not in favor of what happened in South Carolina or anything like that,” Shockley said. “What this is about is our First Amendment right to fly the flag.”

“On Friday, the Confederate flag hung from a rafter inside the store next to a Miller Beer sign. Shockley said business at the store has been booming since the battle flag was displayed outside. He also said the store has received phone threats. One caller threatened to burn the store down, he said.

““We decided to fly the flag outside because we’re not going to let people take away our rights,” Shockley said. “They’re already taking the TV show ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ off TV because of the flag. They’re taking down everything because of the flag.””

Moving the flag inside the store so it would not be seen by the general public did not satisfy the progressive mob. Following numerous threats to torch the store and kill employees the flag was taken down a few days ago, KMAX-TV reported:


““I took it down because of safety reasons,” said Jacob Shockley.

“He says he removed the flag from the building after receiving death threats.

““A lot of them were just, ‘Watch the building; it’s going to come down; you guys are racists; you guys are intolerant,” he said.”

KCRA-TV reported police were informed of the threats.

“A police report has been filed with the Elk Grove Police Department concerning the death threats.”

Meanwhile, Walmart, Amazon, Sears and Google are still profiting off merchandise of the mass-murdering, racist communist Che Guevara.

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