SHAME ON OBAMA: Armed Americans Guard Recruiting Centers Nationwide (Video)

Because President Barack Obama and his appointees at the Pentagon are failing to protect the men and women in uniform serving at military recruiting centers, it has fallen to the American people to defend our military from Islamist terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

In the wake of the Islamist terror attack on military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee last Thursday that killed five servicemen and wounded a policeman, the Pentagon has said it will not order arming of troops nor provide security at recruiting centers. Instead, recruiters have been told to close their blinds and Marine recruiters told to not wear their uniforms to work.

News reports, videos and photographs from across the country show armed civilians standing guard outside recruiting centers. Many of them are veterans, in some cases off duty law enforcement.


In New Hampshire, armed civilians have vowed to stand guard at military recruiting centers until the troops there are allowed to be armed to defend themselves, reported WMUR-TV.

Photos posted to Twitter tell the tale of the Second Amendment in action:

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