Officials in Sandra Bland Case Get Death Threats, Arresting Officer Protested at Home

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters showed at the Katy, Texas apartment complex where state trooper Brian Encinia, the officer whose arrest of Black female Sandra Bland who later committed suicide in jail, reportedly lives. The protesters were calling for the firing and indictment of Encinia.

Sandra Bland CNN screen grab
Screen image via CNN.

The protest came as threatening phone calls are flooding the Waller County court and jail.

On Sunday, Black activist Quannel X led a protest at the apartment home of Texas Department of Public Safety trooper Encinia, where X accused Encinia of racism according to a report by KRIV-TV

““I’m a speak frank to you, in that cops mind he was saying to himself who does the nigger think she is talking to me like this. And that’s when he said get out of the car I’ll light you up. Well since you like lighting up black women, there’s a whole bunch of black men coming today. Let’s see if he’s going to light some of us up,” Quanell X said.”

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KHOU-TV reported a search warrant was obtained regarding death threats made to personnel at the Waller County courthouse and jail where Bland hung herself:

“”Meanwhile, the spotlight on Waller County has turned more alarming, according to county judge, Trey Duhon. He tells KHOU 11 News that the courthouse and the jail have been flooded with calls about the case.

“”They’ve tied up our sheriff office phones to the point where if you had an emergency and you were trying to get a hold of the sheriff, you may not get through because it’s a busy signal,” said Duhon.

“He says the calls are threatening and include death threats. He said the nature of the calls forced county officials to step up their security.

“”We’re not gonna take anything lightly. We had investigators that were just in our office, that were obtaining information for a search warrant regarding a couple of threats that we’ve received.” he said.”

Bland was arrested on July 10 following a traffic stop. She was found dead in her cell, hung with a trash bag, in July 13. Bland was buried on Saturday in her home state of Illinois.

Encinia was placed on desk duty for violating procedures during the arrest.

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