Hah! Donald Trump Bans Des Moines Register Cranks From IA Event – Then Makes Them Sit With Crowd

On Tuesday the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest and most liberal paper, called on Donald Trump to “pull the plug on his bloviating side show” and get out of the race for president.

trump iowa
Donald Trump filled an auditorium and over-flow room in Oskaloosa, Iowa today.

On Friday the Trump Campaign told the Register they will not be allowed into his event Saturday in Oskaloosa.


But, the Trump camp changed their mind and let them attend – but not with the press corps.
They had to sit in the seats with the crowd!

They want the “bloviating side show” to end – but still want in.
Via Twitchy:

And, of course, this liberal Register reporter is spinning for Socialist Bernie Sanders.
And they wonder why they get banned from events?

Donald Trump filled an auditorium and an overflow room today in Oskaloosa.

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