CINCINNATI POLICE Call Bloody July 4th Beatdown ‘Anti-White’ Hate Crime—Then Back Down

bloody beatdown

Cincinnati police described the brutal beating of a white man by a Black mob during a race riot Saturday night near Fountain Square as an “anti-white” hate crime in an incident report according to media reports.

The results of the bloody beating were captured on video.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Cincinnati Police Captain Mike Neville on Monday backed away from the’ anti-white’ classification of the attack.

“The assault on a man near Fountain Square on Saturday night was incorrectly described as an “anti-white” crime in the official police incident report, Cincinnati Police Capt. Mike Neville said Monday.

“Christopher McKnight, 27, was jumped on and beaten by a group of people that moved over from the “unruly” crowd that gathered on Fountain Square around 11:30 p.m. An incident report released Monday said the assault was an “anti-white” hate/bias crime.”

“Neville said the investigation is ongoing and does not believe the assault was a hate crime at a Monday news conference.

Fireworks, rock, bottles and punches were thrown at officers, injuring two policemen. Seven people were arrested including three juveniles.

The riot took place following a hip hop and electronica Fourth of July concert in Cincinnati’s downtown tourist district. A Reds baseball game nearby was letting out at the same time.

Cincinnati will be hosting Major League Baseball’s All Star Game a week from Tuesday.

WXIX-TV confirmed the attack was classified as an ‘anti=white’ hate crime:

“Cincinnati Police are investigating a Facebook video in connection with a violent melee at Fountain Square over the weekend.

“Police confirm the bloodied man lying on the pavement is a victim in the Fourth of July incident. Seven people were arrested and police had to respond in riot gear after coming under attack. Watch the video at this link. (Warning: Contains graphic images and language.)

“In a Cincinnati Police incident report, the assault is labeled a hate crime and “anti-white” listed as the explanation.

“According to a Cincinnati Police incident report, the attack is being investigated as a hate crime. The report lists the explanation for the assault as “anti-white.”

The Enquirer reported police identified the victim as Christopher McKnight, a visitor to the city. McKnight received a concussion, broken nose and facial injuries from the beatdown.

“Christopher McKnight, 27, was jumped on and beaten by a group of people that moved over from the “unruly” crowd that gathered on Fountain Square around 11:30 p.m.

“McKnight was walking near Government Square and was not part of the group who threw bottles and fireworks at police, Captain Mike Neville said Sunday.”

…” McKnight was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with minor injuries, according to the police report. He was released from the hospital Sunday.

“On Monday, Neville said McKnight, a visitor to Cincinnati, suffered a concussion, broken nose and facial injuries.

“No suspect information was released.

“Seven people were arrested during the incident on Fountain Square. It’s unclear if any of the arrested are directly related to McKnight’s assault.”

An anonymous Cincinnati police officer said online that the white man was attacked by about forty Black people and that police had to rescue the man from the mob.

…”So then we form into riot formation with helmets on and begin passing out the shields. Honestly this was the first time I got to partake in this. So we see ahead a scuffle begin and think it’s just a fight. Well not so much, it was like 40 v. 1. I saw 40 v. 1, it was 40 black youths stomping the crap out of one unlucky male white. He didn’t do anything to deserve this beating except be white. I’m going to skip all the rhetoric and just say don’t we all matter??? This just pissed us all off. Time to rescue or at least try to get these thugs off of him. So we were sent in with shields and arrest team to do a victim rescue. Feel bad for the guy since he nor anyone deserved a beat down like that for no reason…”

Cincinnati Riot Police Protect Victim WLWT
A photo by WLWT-TV shows Cincinnati police forming a protective ring around race riot beating victim Christopher McKnight as paramedics tended to him Saturday night.

WLWT also reported a second video exists showing the victim, who is reportedly from New Albany, Indiana involved in a fight with a Black man.

“Parts of the assault appear to have been captured on at least two videos that have been shared repeatedly on social media.

“One video appears to show McKnight, who is white, fighting with an unidentified black man at the Metro station at Government Square.

“At some points in the video, some people approach to strike at one of the men, while other people try to separate the two. The video ends after everyone involved moves out of camera range.

“The second video appears to take place after the fight ended, with McKnight laying on the ground, apparently unconscious. Several people are surrounding McKnight, some laughing, some appearing to try to help him.”

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