CHRISTIAN WOMEN Beaten by Mob, Painted Black and Paraded Down Street on Donkeys

Two Christian women in Pakistan were accused of blasphemy by local Muslims. An angry mob beat them, painted their faces black and paraded them through the streets on donkeys.

Rukhsana and Rehana
The Muslims shaved the head of the husband of one of the women. (Global Christian Voice)

The Pakistan Christian Post reported:


On accusation of blasphemy, the Muslim villagers tortured Christian women, then shaved head of husband of one of woman, color their faces black, put shoes garland in their necks and forced them to sit donkeys and paraded them in streets of village Chk 460 in district Sheikhupura of Punjab province.

According to information’s; Christian women named Rukhsana and Rehana living in same home as joint family bought a flex to use as carpet from one Muslim. The Muslim milkman was sick, so, his wife came to sell milk who being a woman directly came inside home instead of delivering milk at door; The Muslim lady saw that flex and wanted to buy it for his home which she priced 400 Pakistani Rupees while Christian women demanded 1000 Pakistani Rupees price on which they bought it. The arguments arise among Christian women and Muslim woman.

The Muslim woman shouted that Christian women have committed blasphemy by using that Pena Flex as carpet because it have images of Holy Books and Quran Verses on it;

On which angry Muslim mob gathered and dragged Christian women out of home and started beating them.

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