Breaking: Car Bombs Discovered in Juarez South of US Border


Police in Juarez discovered two car bombs on the city’s south side this week.
El Paso Proud reported:

Police in Juarez made an alarming discovery when they found two car bombs inside a vehicle on the city’s south side.

The explosives, known as ANFO were packed with substances like ammonium nitrate.

Police say the bombs were found inside a red volkswagon before they could be detonated.

19 year-old Jesús David Aguilera Molina, 17-year-old Carlos Jesús, and 19-year-old Daniel Aguilera Juárez were arrested.

Police say the three men and a woman who has not yet been identified were also carrying marijuana and other weapons.

Mexican officials in April claimed they located an ISIS camp just eight miles south of the U.S. border.

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