BOOM!… Trump THUMPS Coop: “The People Don’t Trust You and People Don’t Trust the Media. AND I UNDERSTAND WHY!” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump just gave Anderson Cooper a thumpin!
trump cooper

Trump BLASTED the far left CNN crank for hitting him with some bogus poll he didn’t even know existed!
This was an INCREDIBLE exchange!

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:


DONALD TRUMP, GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You keep bringing up negative. You only want to talk about negative. Why don’t you bring up the positive?


TRUMP: Excuse me.

COOPER: I started off with the Washington Post poll.

TRUMP: You started off the interview —

COOPER: No, I started off with the Washington Post poll.

TRUMP: You start off the interview with a poll that I didn’t even know existed.

COOPER: I started off with the Washington Post poll. Intentionally, because I knew you would accuse me of that.

TRUMP: All I know is every poll I am leading in and you give me these two polls where it is different states. They’re not even a national poll.

COOPER: Check the record.

TRUMP: I’m sure the record is fine.

COOPER: I started off with the Washington Post poll where you are way out in front.

TRUMP: I just think it is very unfair. Talk to me about a poll I have never even saw.

COOPER: It came out today.

TRUMP: It’s not even a poll. It’s in three different states and you are hitting me with this. Frankly, I think it is a very unfair question. I think it is an extremely — you start off the interview with that. You don’t say, I led in the FOX poll. I’m leading in the ABC/Washington Post poll.

COOPER: You’re leading across the board.

TRUMP: I am leading across the board. And then you hit me with this poll that I didn’t see before, where oh, gee, it’s not even that kind of a poll. All i know is I have a very big group of support. And I think one of the reasons.

COOPER: Among Republicans you are way out in the front.

TRUMP: Let me tell you. The people don’t trust you and the people don’t trust the media. And I understand why.

COOPER: Right. And politicians.

TRUMP: You know, I have always been covered, fairly, accurately because it was usually a financial press. And you know numbers are numbers and my numbers happen to be great. So, I was always sort of treated fair.

With the media it’s, not all cases, some, some of the political media is great. And really honest. Even if they’ve don’t want to want to be, they’re really honest. But I find that 60% , 70% of the political media is really, really dishonest.

You know I tell the story, the American dream — I talk about the American dream in speeches. The American dream is dead but I’m going to make it bigger, better and stronger than ever before. The American dream is dead. But i’m going to make it bigger, stronger. Right. And I go ‘boom!’ and I do it with great bravado and the audience goes crazy.

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