Black Father Who Lost Son to Illegal Killer: Trump Brought Us Fresh Air, Trump Brought Us Hope (VIDEO)

Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son Jamiel Shaw Jr. who was murdered by an illegal alien, thanked Donald Trump for shedding light on the illegal alien murders and rapes in America.

His son Jamiel was shot in the head outside their home in 2008 by an illegal alien who was just released from prison.

On Friday Jamiel Shaw Sr. thanked Donald Trump for making this an issue in America today.


I’m doing good. I’m feeling invigorated, you know. With Donald Trump, for the first time, people who’ve been murdered by illegal aliens, we feel hope. We feel change coming. And, we’re happy that we can get our stories out. We can get mobilized and you know, try to make sure this happens… It’s a beautiful thing. For the first time since my son was murdered. I had nothing to feel happy about when it came to politicians. We hear everything about what they’re going to do. And then they get in office and they don’t do nothing. We have no voice. We have to just live with what’s happened. So Donald Trump brought in some fresh air. Donald Trump brought us some hope.

Shaw went on to blast Obama for saying nothing about these brutal murders by illegal aliens in America.

The Shaw family will meet with Donald Trump this weekend.

Via Cavuto:

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