AUDIO: Brilliant Hannity Interview with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: Obama is Complicit in Jihad

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Sean Hannity interviewed Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer on his radio show Friday July 18, 2015. Hannity started the interview segment with a brilliant montage of Obama’s speeches. Notice Pamela mentioned that she originally wanted to title her book “Jihad in the White House”—a phrase that should be stated often to get the truth out to others—yet the publisher bowed to sharia by claiming it was too controversial of a title. Geller also states clearly that “By their fruits you should know them.” We know Obama.

The full audio link here (hat tip BirtherReport):

Under Obama’s watch, there has been 127,000 student visas issued to “students” (a.k.a. illegals) from Muslim countries… most disappear after getting into the country and never intend to enroll in school.


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