Why Does Pope Francis Hate the Poor? Why Does He Want Them to Suffer?

Why does Pope Francis hate the poor?
Why do liberals and Socialists hate the poor?
Why do they want them to suffer?

In January 2008 Barack Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers.”

He promised that his plan would cause electricity rates to skyrocket.

Mission accomplished.


In 2014 the price of electricity hit a record high.
CNS News reported:

Even as gasoline prices plummeted and the overall energy price index calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics declined, electricity prices bucked the trend in the United States in 2014.

Data released this year by the BLS indicates that the electricity price indexes hit all-time highs for the month of December 2014 and for the year. 2014 was the most-expensive year ever for electricity in the United States.

The annual price index for electricity, published by BLS today, was 208.020. That was up from 200.750 in 2013.

electricity obama record
Electricity rates have skyrocketed under Barack Obama – just as he promised.

Now Pope Francis is pushing the same agenda on the poor.
Francis wants the poor to suffer so he can feel good about putting up more windmills and solar panels.

There’s more…
Earlier this week the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity released a report that documents how the Obama administration’s war on coal (and on cheap energy generally) has hurt poor and middle-class Americans.

Power Line reported:

Energy costs consume a substantial portion of the budgets of lower-income Americans. This simple chart tells the story: while energy costs account for only 7% of expenditures by those who earn over $50,000 per year, those making less than $30,000 pay an astonishing 23% of their after-tax income for energy.

Moreover, residential electrical costs continue to rise relentlessly, even though fracking has made plentiful sources of cheap natural gas available. This is because the Obama administration has declared war on coal, and is doing its best to drive coal-fired power plants out of existence.

Needlessly rising energy costs are no problem if you are a Democratic Party plutocrat–a government-subsidized “green” energy magnate like Tom Steyer, a Hollywood actor or a Wall Street hedge fund manager–but they cause real hardship for the poor and the middle class. The CCCE report documents hardship resulting from the Obama administration’s anti-cheap-energy policies that will be shocking to many:
energy costs epa

To meet rising energy costs, in 2011:

* 24 percent went without food for at least one day
* 37 percent went without medical or dental care
* 34 percent did not fill a prescription or took less than the full dose
* 33 percent used their kitchen stove or oven to provide heat
* 19 percent had someone become sick because their home was too cold
* 6 percent were evicted from their home or apartment

It is easy for Pope Francis, Tom Steyer, Barack Obama and others who don’t have to worry about money to say that government policy should make electricity and gasoline more expensive so that other Americans–the poor and middle class–can’t afford to consume so much energy. But if you aren’t wealthy, government-mandated increases in energy costs mean very real cuts in the rest of your budget–a budget that goes almost entirely for food, clothing, shelter and health care. These are the necessities that millions of Americans have to forgo because of arrogant liberal policies.

This is the same agenda Pope Francis is pushing on the world’s poor.

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