Three Juvenile Criminals Pick Wrong Men to Rob – One Dead, One in Critical Condition (VIDEO)

Three black males picked the wrong men to rob in Colorado.
One was shot dead. Another is in critical condition. The third was able to walk to the emergency room.

CBS Local reported:

Officers rushed to 431 S. Kalispell Way on reports of a shooting just before 11 p.m. Friday. When they arrived at the Bayberry condominiums off Alameda and South Kalispell Way, officers found two males with gunshot wounds. Both were rushed to the hospital…

…Police confirmed that one of the males died at the hospital and the other was treated for critical injuries. Another male suffered non-life threatening injuries in the shooting.

Police say three white males in their 20s were moving into an apartment building when they were approached by three black males between the ages of 16-20 in the foyer of the apartment building. Those males demanded their money at gunpoint.

“Two of the movers started to hand over their money, the third mover who was in fear for his safety of his friends, pulled out his weapon,” said Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz.

During the alleged robbery, the third male who was with the moving party, grabbed a firearm and shot towards the robbery suspects. Police say he shot each one of them.

One of the suspects died, another was wounded and was in serious condition on Saturday afternoon, and the third male walked into an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He is expected to survive and was taken into custody on unrelated charges.

The suspects have not been identified. The man who fired the shots has not arrested or charged. Police say he was questioned and released.

“I don’t think we would call this necessarily a make-my-day issue. This is a straight up regular common sense statutorily codified self defense,” said Brauchler.

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