Women in Shackles: Traumatized Yazidi Children Draw the Horrors of ISIS

Guest post by DMartyr

These are images children should never have to see.


The horrors of ISIS captured in the drawings by children:


Dozens of children, bundled in sweaters against a winter chill, sprawled on a patch of grass in their camp for displaced people and studiously began to draw. The kids, some as young as 6, drew pictures of beheadings or shackled women or their families running, with armed men at their heels.

The children fled when the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levent (ISIL) advanced on their villages last summer, with most of them witnessing their parents killed or captured along the way. Some of the children were also captured and held as slaves. Now living in a camp as battles rage in the villages they fled, they are haunted by the horrors they have seen.

Their caretakers do the best they can to comfort them but know the children’s psychological wounds are deep and far beyond their levels of expertise.

beheading isis children

Read it all and view other drawings HERE.

(Hat Tip: Brigitte Gabriel)

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