Non-Muslim Students Told to Drink Their Own Urine from Toilet if Thirsty

Non-Muslim students were told to drink their own urine from the toilet by the assistant principal at a Malaysian school.
malaysia kids urine

A rights group has sent a letter of complaint to the school.
Free Malaysia Today reported, via Religion of Peace:

A group championing the interests of non-Muslim students (Waris Murid-Murid Bukan Islam) have lodged a complaint with the Kedah Education Director that a senior member of the teaching staff at the Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Ibrahim directed them to drink water only in the toilet.

This same person was also alleged to have said that in the event they had not brought any water with them to school, they could drink water from the tap there, or “drink their own urine”.

These instructions were allegedly given by the assistant principal, who is also responsible for student affairs, during the school assembly on June 21.

The teacher allegedly said: “Non-Muslim students are reminded not to drink water in class but only in the toilet. If not enough water, drink the piped water or your own urine.”

The errant teacher did not mention the fasting month during the brief speech.

The letter of complaint went on to berate the errant teacher for setting a bad example and having no respect for non-Muslims, both students and teachers, and for harbouring racist attitudes.

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