Lobbyist Pope Urges Prayers for Passage of UN Global Warming Treaty

Lobbyist Pope Francis is asking Catholics to pray for passage of the UN global warming junk science treaty.
red francis pope

The Vatican blocked a skeptical French scientist from their climate summit.
They did not want to hear an opposing voice.

From the Papal Encyclical on Global Warming, via Climate Depot:


“As far as the protection of biodiversity and issues related to desertification are concerned, progress has been far less significant. With regard to climate change, the advances have been regrettably few. Reducing greenhouse gases requires honesty, courage and responsibility, above all on the part of those countries which are more powerful and pollute the most. The Conference of the United Nations on Sustainable Development, “Rio+20” (Rio de Janeiro 2012), issued a wide-ranging but ineffectual outcome document. International negotiations cannot make significant progress due to positions taken by countries which place their national interests above the global common good. Those who will have to suffer the consequences of what we are trying to hide will not forget this failure of conscience and responsibility. Even as this Encyclical was being prepared, the debate was intensifying. We believers cannot fail to ask God for a positive outcome to the present discussions, so that future generations will not have to suffer the effects of our ill-advised delays.”

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