ISIS Abducts 86 Eritrean Christians on Smuggling Truck in Libya – Muslims Set Free

isis slaughter copts
Egyptian Christians called out to Jesus before they were slaughtered by ISIS in February.

ISIS in Libya reportedly abducted 86 Eritrean Christians including women and children. The Eritreans were reportedly traveling on a single truck when it was stopped.
The Christian Post reported, via Shoebat:

The abduction of 86 Eritrean Christian migrants by the Islamic State (Isis) militants from Tripoli on 3 June has sparked beheading fears, a Swedish-Eritrean activist has revealed.

Meron Estefanos, human rights activist and co-founder of the International Commission on Eritrean Refugees in Stockholm, said that the abduction took place two days ago in Tripoli.

On Friday, Meron Estefanos tweeted: “Breaking: 86 Eritrean refugees most from one town in #Eritrea got kidnapped by #ISIS in #Libya two days ago.”

The news of the abduction of the Eritrean Christian refugees comes just a day after reports emerged that the Islamic State militants in Libya killed two Eritrean migrants after stopping a truck carrying 75 Africans. The migrants were separated based on their religion.

The Isis fighters then shot the two Eritrean migrants after holding them at an intersection, 5 km from their stronghold of Nawfliyah, East Afro reported.

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