Hillary Up to Her Old Tricks… “Ordinary Couple” at Campaign Stop Were Democratic Plants

Hillary Clinton was up to her old tricks again this week.

While dodging reporters and refusing to answer questions pertaining to her many scandals… The former First lady is loading up her campaign stops with planted Democratic operatives.
gary lenore patton
Gary Patton, center, and his wife Lenore Patton, to his right, as the center of the press scrum with Hillary Clinton that held them captive for 10 minutes on Friday in New Hampshire. (Viral Hose)

The media complained that a couple of “ordinary Americans” were caught up in the press scrum at a Hillary stop in New Hampshire. What the media forgot to mention was that the Democratic couple helped organize the event and are local Democratic leaders and Hillary supporters.
NewsBusters reported:
Ruby Cramer, “a political reporter for BuzzFeed News … based in New York,” was on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton a couple of weeks ago in Hampton, New Hampshire.


Ms. Cramer was outraged at how “two actual everyday Americans” were “crushed” by the horde of reporters who attempted to ask Mrs. Clinton real questions. What Cramer reported the couple said during the course of the “press scrum” was more than a little suspicious. Gary and Lenore Patton may be very nice people, but the idea that they are “everyday Americans” trying to keep up with politics seemed absurd. They fooled Cramer, who in turn fooled longtime Clinton apparatchik Lanny Davis, who moaned about the press’s “frenzy” in an awful column at the Hill I will address on Sunday.

To her credit, Cramer at least described the Pattons as “local activists, but that’s as far as it goes:

Two Actual Everyday Americans Walk Into A Hillary Clinton Event …
… and get crushed. The challenges of the “everyday” campaign.

When they heard Hillary Clinton would be here on Friday in Hampton — a small coastal town just south of the Maine border — Lenore and Gary Patton contacted the campaign. They wanted to lend a hand as volunteers.

The morning of the event — a roundtable discussion about small businesses at the locally owned Smuttynose Brewing Company — the Pattons arrived early, help set up, and secured the best spot in the house: front row, first two seats.

… Clinton aides emphasize — in every email, memo, and press release — that this campaign is about “everyday Americans.” But as a result of efforts to keep each gathering intimate — allowing Clinton to best “get the input of everyday Americans” — few Americans of that particular stripe actually end up in the room.

Clinton’s campaign functions are typically so small that there is barely an audience — just a handful of invited guests, often local Democratic officials.

… The roundtable in Hampton was Clinton’s largest yet. About 60 people came —

including the Pattons, local activists who said they “fervently supported” Barack Obama in 2008 and now “fervently support” Clinton.

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