Hans Christian Anderson’s Grave Vandalized: “F*ck Denmark”

The grave of famous Danish writer and storyteller Hans Christian Anderson was vandalized this week.
anderson grave

The Local reported, via Breitbart:

The tombstone of world-renowned Danish author Hans Christian Andersen was defaced in Assistens Cemetery in Nørrebro but police said it was not connected to the desecration of a Muslim cemetery outside of Copenhagen.

The grave of Hans Christian Andersen, who is almost universally regarded as the most famous Dane ever, was vandalized with a vulgarity over the weekend, Copenhagen Police confirmed early on Sunday.

“We received a report at 8.40pm that graffiti had been noticed on the tombstone. A patrol confirmed that ‘F*ck Denmark’ had been written with a silver-coloured marker. Further down on the stone, it says ’69!’,” police spokesman Henrik Brix told Ritzau.

It’s not clear what was meant by the 69! on the tombstone.
Any ideas?

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