GOP Lawmaker Blames DRUDGE REPORT for Obamatrade Delay (VIDEO)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) blamed The Drudge Report Wednesday for delaying the GOP’s push to give Barack Obama “fast track” trade authority.

In an interview with 1440 WROK Kinzinger blamed Drudge and other new media outlets for delaying ultimate approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP), also known as Obamatrade.

“(TPP) Does not exist yet, so there’s been a lot of, you know, if you look at Drudge or you look at Obamatrade (website), people are saying ‘you know Paul Ryan said its in secret and you’ve gotta pass it to find out whats in it’, well that’s not true. A lot of where this misinformation has come from, it’s actually amazing. I saw Paul Ryan on Fox & Friends and even the anchors did not really know the difference between TPA, TAA, TPA. Where a lot of the misinformation comes from by the way I think it’s this website called or something.”

Via USofArn:


USofARN added: My congressman will attack anyone and anything that does not agree with GOP leadership/establishment.

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