BREAKING VIDEO=> MOMENT US Saudi Student Stops Suicide Bomber From Entering Mosque Before Explosion

Wichita State University student Abduljaleel Alarbash was killed by a suicide bomber when he denied the terrorist entry into a Saudi mosque.
Abduljaleel Alarbash
Abduljaleel Alarbash- Wichita State Univ. photo

Alarbash stopped the suicide bomber, dressed as a woman, from entering the Shiite mosque in Al Qatif, Saudi Arabia.
The ISIS-linked bomber set off his bomb killing Alarbash

The video clearly shows that Alarbash saved dozens of worshipers in the mosque from the explosion.


Abduljaleel Alarbash went home to Saudi Arabia to get married.
The New York Post reported:

A Saudi student studying in the United States died heroically in his homeland Friday when he tried to keep a suicide bomber from blowing up a Shiite mosque.

Abduljaleel Alarbash, 22, had returned to Saudi Arabia to get married and was scheduled to resume his studies in electrical engineering at Wichita State University in the fall, CNN and the Sunday Times of London reported.

He made the “ultimate sacrifice,” said Alicia Newell, director of the school’s engineering career center.

“The way in which he passed away shows a lot about the person,” she said.

The attacker, dressed in traditional female clothing as a disguise, had been challenged by Alarbash and another volunteer at the mosque in the town of Dammam.

They were standing guard, stopping people who appeared suspicious, because a week earlier another mosque had been blown up by fanatics in the town of Qudayh.

The two were bravely trying to chase the bomber away from other worshippers when he set off his explosives.

ISIS took credit for the suicide attack.

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