BREAKING: ISIS Moves Assets to Southern Syria – Gaza ISIS Launches MISSILE ATTACK on Israel

ISIS fighters reported today that the ISLAMIC STATE has Attacked Israel.
isis israel

Islamic State supporters reported today that ISIS is heading towards Israel.
isis israel

Islamists also claim ISIS supporters launched an attack on Israel from Gaza this week.
World Net Daily reported:


Supporters of ISIS in the Gaza Strip provided WND with a video they say proves they launched a rocket from the Gaza Strip that hit central Israel last week.

The video, with an ISIS flag on the upper left banner, shows a rocket and launcher burrowed in sand. The next scene contains footage of the rocket being launched followed by Arabic news reports about the attack.

Last week, WND was the first media outlet to report ISIS supporters claimed they were behind the rocket attack, citing a senior Salafist militant leader in Gaza.

Israeli defense officials surmised the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad may have been behind the attack as part of an internal dispute.

ISIS in Gaza declared war on Israel earlier this week.

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