BOMB THREAT Called in to Joni Ernst’s GOP Roast & Ride Event

A bomb threat was called in to Senator Joni Ernst’s GOP Roast and Ride event on Saturday.
rick perry harley
Seven Republican presidential candidates attended the event including former Governor Rick Perry who showed up on a Harley flanked by Navy SEALS. (Twitchy)

Carly Fiorina also attended the Roast and Ride.

Ben Carson at the Roast and Ride– reported:

R.D. Lampe with the Boone, Iowa police department confirms exclusively to Breitbart News that a bomb threat was called in to the Iowa Roast and Ride with a voice recorder. He later added that as that event was ending, a second bomb threat was called to authorities in Polk county.

Lampe says that when bomb threats are made, it’s usually difficult to track down the caller. He says a number can be traced, but it’s usually a throw-away phone.

The potential security breach prevented candidates getting to their tents and greeting voters for a time on Saturday. At least seven GOP candidates were at the event.

Two separate campaign officials had confirmed to Breitbart News candidates were held for security reasons due to a security breach.

A third campaign confirmed to Breitbart News that it was in fact a “bomb threat.”

Senator Ernst, an Iraq War veteran, organized the Iowa Roast and Ride event.

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