Black Oklahoma Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering Aussie College Student ‘Just for Fun’

christopher lane

In August 2013, three Oklahoma teens shot Australian baseball star Chris Lane dead after he jogged by their home.
They said they killed him ‘just for fun.’
three teens oklahoma
L-R: James Edwards, Chancey Luna and Michael Jones. (New York Post)

James Edwards tweeted out “time to start taken life’s” three days before Lane was gunned down by the “bored” teens.
taking lives tweet

Of course, this didn’t make any national headlines.
And, there were no race riots after the senseless slaughter.


Today 18-year-old Chancey Allen Luna was sentenced to life in prison for the joy killing.
The Blaze reported:

An Oklahoma teenager charged with killing an Australian college baseball player has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

District Court judge Ken Graham on Tuesday handed down the punishment to 18-year-old Chancey Allen Luna.

A Stephens County jury had convicted Luna of first-degree murder in the August 2013 shooting death of 22-year-old Christopher Lane.

Authorities say Lane was shot in the back while he was jogging in Duncan. Defense attorneys say Luna fired the shot, but only meant to scare Lane.

Graham delivered the sentence recommended by the jury in April after Luna was found guilty.

Lane, from Melbourne, Australia, was in Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship.

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