ARIZONA JIHADIST Indicted on Terrorism Charges – Once Sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Prison Conditions

On Tuesday Abdul Malik Kareem was arrested in Arizona for his connection to the Garland, Texas terrorist attack on the Draw Mohammad art contest.
abdul malik abdul kareem
Abdul Malik Kareem wanted to join ISIS and attack the Super Bowl.

The FBI reportedly sought up to two dozen men for questioning in the days after the May 3rd Islamist terror attack on a ‘Draw Muhammad’ free speech event in Garland, Texas. The arrest Tuesday of Abdul Malik Kareem revealed a wider conspiracy on U.S. soil was involved in the attack.

Abdul Malik Kareem was charged with conspiracy and transporting firearms across state lines with intent to commit a felony.
Arizona Central reported:


Kareem was charged in a federal indictment with conspiracy, transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to commit a felony, and providing false statements to federal agents…

According the four-page, three-count federal grand-jury indictment, Kareem began conspiring with shooters Elton Francis Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi months before the shooting took place, and potentially as early as January 7, when terrorists attacked the French publication Charlie Hebdo.

Prosecutors believe Kareem invited Simpson, 31, and Soofi, 34, into his home to discuss the Garland event, where participants were asked to draw the Prophet Mohammed, an act that is offensive to many Muslims.

More than a week before the event in Garland, Simpson responded to a Somalia-based suspected terrorist’s social-media call for an attack on those who drew Mohammed. But the federal indictment handed down last week raises the prospect that the Phoenix men were plotting the attack well before the call to arms.

Federal prosecutors said Kareem, Simpson and Soofi discussed plans to travel from Phoenix to Texas to attack the event, according to the indictment.

The three men also “traveled to remote desert areas near Phoenix, Arizona to practice shooting firearms,” the grand jury said.

Federal prosecutors also say Kareem provided the duo arms and ammunition.

Abdul Malik, who was formerly known as Decarus Thomas, once sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio over prison conditions.
Malik claimed his civil rights were being violated.
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