American ISIS Fighter Stars in Islamic State’s Eid Greeting (VIDEO)

The Islamic State released its official Eid Greeting video Monday.
The video was produced by Al-Hayat Media the official ISIS media outlet.
isis eid greeting kids

Several young children with guns were featured in the video.
isis kids guns

Abu Abdunahman Al-Trinidadi allegedly from the United States was one of the ISIS fighters featured in the video.
(15:15 minuted into the video)
al trinidadi us isis
Al-Trinidadi is holding a child during his segment in the video.
It’s not clear if the child is his but it looks like it.


Al-Trinidadi spoke with an English accent about how great it was living in the Islamic Caliphate.

Eid Greetings From The Land of Khilafah
isis fighters greeting

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