White House: Garland Was ‘Lone Wolf’ Attack

Guest post by DMartyr

lone wolf

The White House claims the attack in Garland, Texas, was a ‘lone wolf’ operation:

The White House said Wednesday that the shooting in Texas for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility was consistent with a lone-wolf attack, while a terrorism watch group said the violence may have been inspired by an al-Shabab extremist from Minnesota who is wanted by the FBI.

While cautioning that U.S. intelligence officials are still evaluating the Islamic State’s claim, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the attack by two gunmen in Garland, Texas, appears to have involved “two individuals that don’t appear to be part of a broader conspiracy.”

A broader conspiracy? Like a death cult that bombards its followers with the promise of paradise for killing innocent people?

This incident would be better described as a “known wolf” attack,  a term coined by PJ Media’s Patrick Poole last year:

The two terror attacks in Canada this week, which are already being described by CVE industry practitioners as “lone wolf” attacks, were by individuals already known to Canadian counter-terrorism officials. Reportedly both Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had their passports taken away by Canadian authorities because they were considered “high risk” to travel overseas to join the Islamic State. We also have reports that Zehaf-Bibeau had contacts with known jihadist sympathizers and at least one individual who had fought in Syria.

Looking at the long string of domestic terror incidents here in the U.S. shows that the so-called “lone wolves,” in virtually every case, were in fact “known wolves.

Islamic terrorists, no doubt, have realized they can avoid FBI scrutiny simply by operating independently of terrorist organizations.  All have the same goals and agenda, but by minimizing contact, individual Islamic terrorists fly below the Homeland Security radar.

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