VIDEO RELEASED From Inside Garland, TX ‘Draw Mohammad Contest’ During Terrorist Attack

dallas terror attack
On Sunday two Islamic terrorists were shot dead during an attack on a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

Video was released by activist Tom Trento and United West from inside the Garland, Texas “Draw Mohammad Contest” during the assault by two Islamists.

Join Tom Trento and The United West team as we take you step by step through what happened to us inside the event.

First we will hear 4 minutes of Robert Spencer explaining why the event was messaged like it was. He specifically addresses those who believe Pamela Geller’s event was unnecessarily provocative to the followers of Islam.

Next you will be inside the venue with us as a Garland SWAT leader explains to the audience that shots were fired and they will need to move all in attendance into the auditorium which is further away from the front entrance.

Next you will experience being moved to a safer offsite facility approximately 5 miles from the Culwell Center where we learn that we were targets of a terrorist attack and law enforcement needed our statements.

Then well after midnight we were released and the City Of Garland put us up in a hotel for the night because where we were staying was off limits due to proximity of the attack area.

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